Sounds of Maine is an ongoing audiovisual project documenting the sounds and sights of Maine. Its goal is to enable moments of vicarious travel, meditation, and immersion in this state's endlessly intriguing natural and manmade spaces.

Our goal is to release about a dozen soundscapes each year.

Sounds of Maine is created and managed by David Bruggink. If you benefit from this project, consider supporting it on Patreon. Supporters receive our monthly location profile, which includes high-quality, unique digital photo downloads from each new location.

Sounds of Maine is also available on:

I also share my Maine-inspired illustration work, sometimes combined with Sounds of Maine, on Instagram.


"Help! My video and/or sound is not working!"

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I noticed an album called Magic of the Ocean by the artist Sounds of Maine. Is that you?

Nope! That is not me. Check the links above to see the albums of field recordings I've released.

I came across a website called "This is How Maine Sounds" created by Atlas Obscura. Is that you?

Nope! While that website does appear to be heavily inspired by the branding, copy, and overall concept of Sounds of Maine, this was done without my permission or involvement. However, I'm flattered by the imitation!

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